Top Treks in Sikkim to Visit



Sikkim, the northeast state of Himalayas offers a plethora of scenic places and it is the best trekking tour one must go for. It is the best place to explore the hidden gems of the Himalayas and the rich culture and diversity of Sikkim. It not only provides the adventures into nature but also one gets to learn the new culture and lifestyle of Sikkim. 

Here listed are the top treks one must visit in Sikkim to unravel its mysterious Himalayas:



  • Goecha La Trek 


Goecha La trek set at an altitude of 4,939 meters will take one to some spectacular landscape of Himalayan ranges which makes it the best experience. It is surrounded by fresh cold breeze and silence in the wilderness which will mesmerize the journey. The trek is worth cherishing as one witnesses Kanchenjunga peak and the other 14 big summits including Mt Pandim, Mt Thingchinkhang which will make one awestruck. Goecha La holds the pride of Sikkim and is the most preferred destination for trekkers. 

 The trek level is moderate to difficult since the Himlayas of Sikkim holds extreme harsh weather. However anyone with moderate trekking experience would not face any problems during this trek.

Best time to visit- March to May or mid September to November as the mountains with its sharp snow clad are best visible. 

Base camp- Yuksom

Trek duration- 11 days

Trek difficulty- Moderate to difficult



  • Rhododendron Trek


Rhododendron trek takes one to the delicate Himalayan beauties and the scented broken paths filled with various flowers. Here one witnesses the most beautiful Rhododendrons in Sikkim which involves Arboreum, Falconeri, Campanulatium and Hodgsoni species. It takes one through the beautiful meadows and lush garden of flowers. Rhododendron trek is thus the most up to the minute treks where one enjoys the beautiful nature and Himalayan slopes. 

Altitude- 1,728 meters

Best time to visit- April to mid May

Trek difficulty- Easy to moderate

Base camp- Yuksom

Trek duration- 10 to 11 days



  • Dzongri Trek 


Dzongri trek set at an altitude of 4,020 meters offers the splendid views of the great Kanchenjunga and Mt Pandim from a very close distance. The route offers astounding trails with vibrant flowers and lush green valleys of Rhododendron, magnolia pine, maple and oak forests. The trek also offers some scenic parts of Sikkim which will take one to the heaven of beauties. 

Trek duration- 8 to 9 days

Trek difficulty- Easy to moderate and best suits for beginners 

Best time to trek- Mid March- May or September- November

Base camp- Yuksom 



  • Varsey Trek


Varsey trek is known for its enchanting mountains filled with red and pink rhododendrons where one gets close to nature with an ultimate feeling of thrill and bliss. It best suits for amateur mountaineers which will take one to the varieties of flora and fauna. It is nestled with flaming rhododendron and a sanctuary of high altitude birds. This trek will certainly lead one to come back for more as it immerses one to its vibrant colours of nature. 

Altitude- 3,060 meters

Trek duration- 7 to 8 days

Base camp- Damthang

Best time to visit- April and May 



  • Green Lake Trek 


Green lake trek is the hidden gem of Himalayas surrounded with sharp edged mountains and colorful meadows with rich biodiversity. It is truly a paradise to see the misty Kanchenjunga and other Himalayan abodes. It reveals the stunning landscapes and its rare orchids will surely mesmerize one. It comes under the least explored destinations and requires experienced trekkers to go for expedition. 

Altitude- 5,050 meters

Trek duration- 16 days

Trek difficulty- Moderate to difficult

Base camp- Lachen

Best time to visit- April or October



  • Singalila Uttaray Round Trek 


This trek provides one the opportunity to witness Mt Everest, Kanchenjunga and many more peaks. It is dotted with beautiful high altitude lakes, Singalila ridge, unsurpassed views of Mt Everest and what more one treks through the verdant meadows and dense forests. It is a round trip with its crowning glory of Kanchenjunga that can be seen from several vantage points. 

The trek joins the main west Sikkim trekking trail at Dzongri and it gives one the option to continue to Goecha La.

Altitude- 4,189 meters

Trek duration- 19 days

Trek difficulty- Moderate to difficult

Base camp- Uttaray a small village set amidst the pristine valley 

Best time to visit- March- May or September- November