Kasol is your dreams’ destination trekking

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Kasol is a picturesque hamlet, located at a height of 1’640 m at the banks of the Parvati River and popular as ‘Mini Israel’ in the lovely State of Himachal Pradesh. It lies between Bhuntur and Manikaran, 37 kilometers from Kullu. The site offers picturesque views of the Valley of Parvati and the snowy mountains. There is an old swinging bridge that divides Kasol into Old Kasol and New Kasol.


Wounded by the abundance of fauna and flora, milky waterfalls, delicious delicacies and friendly local people, Kasol is a famous backpackers, hikers and nature enthusiasts tourist destination. In Kasol, especially young Israelis, not only Indian voyagers, but even foreigners are seen. So it’s one of the best places for an unforgettable holiday in the lap of nature.


Kasol is a year-round tourist destination with excellent weather and temperature. However, during the summer months between April and June, most people prefer to visit it. In addition, it is a suitable time for adventure enthusiasts, given the availability of most of the routes. And Kasol, in particular, is used for many walks as the base camp. Photographers of nature and wildlife travel in the winter to discover the hidden gems of this site as snow enhances its beauty.


  1. Vibing at Chalal 

Only 3 kilometers from Kasol is Chalal. The stunning village of Parvati is famously located on the banks of the river. You will cross a bridge over the river during this venture. Moreover, your naked eyes will see high trees, waterfalls, exotic flowers and the household in rural areas. You can camp and party at night after you reach here. The most beautiful thing about this place is the locals who welcome you warmly.


  1. Sar Pass Trek 


Located at 4206 meters, the Sar Pass trek is an ideal getaway for nature and adventurers in a magnificent Pin Parvati Valley. Sar Lake is one thing you will never leave on this journey. The trail goes through the dense oak and pine forests, the Himalayan towns, calm lakes, beautiful streams and the mountain pastures. The valley is also known for its colorful flowers and butterflies such as Dodona durga, Metallica abulia, and Swaha Aulocera, Lycaena and Parnassio and Sena heliosphere, among others. In addition, you will also be able to see several birds of Indian migration, such as the woodpecker, big barbet, monal, black, griffon and parakeet with slate heads. This journey should be undertaken to challenge your inner potential to excite you. This trek should be done to challenge your inner potential for some excitement and thrill.


  1. Grahan’s Local Flavor


Grahan has about 50 houses and a population of 350 villagers. There are old temples with remarkable architecture as well. You will meet the children with whom you can play pit hood or cricket on this Kasol trip to Grahan. In addition, on this journey, you’ll relax as the path is luxuriant with green pine forests and oak trees.


  1. Kheerganga, A Natural Beauty  


The Kheerganga trek starts from Kasol at an altitude of 3,692 meters. You can enjoy the beauty of the confluence of the Tosh and Parvati rivers, Barshaini, through your thrilling trip. The local people, in particular, believe Kheerganga was Lord Shiva’s and Kartikeya’s son’s abode. The trail passes sliding paths and some wooden bridges. Moreover. On the journey, you can enjoy the charming cascades and you will realize that Kasol is far more than just a hiking destination. The crystal clear sky and the vast green landscape are a great pleasure to revive. Waterfalls, birds chirping, and the sounds of Himalayan deer fall in your heart and ears like a melody. When you reach the top, relax in the natural pool with hot water.


These trekking tours in Kasol not only will provide you with lovely memories, but also will help you to overcome your fears. In addition, you’ll have an amazing look at snow-packed mountains, dumb wetlands, and green valleys forever.


Travelers should visit isolated villages of Malana and Tosh to get a real feel for rural life and culture. These two villages lie 21 kilometers from Kasol. The Malana remains unimpacted by the touch of modern lifestyles, known as ‘little Greece’ and as one of the oldest democracies on earth. Upon arriving in Malana the views of green wilderness, peaks and herders’ huts are magnificent.